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General Foot Care Tips for all Feet

A beautiful and healthy feet is true reflection of your personality. It is said that the look of your feet gives the observer an idea of the way you take care of yourself. You have to regularly take care of your feet if you want to have beautiful and healthy feet. Here are few useful tips:

  • Wash your feet daily. Rinse off all soap and dry thoroughly, especially between toes.
  • Trim nails straight across, and not too short. Don't cut out or dig at corners. - Do not trim, shave, or use over-the-counter medicines to dissolve corns or calluses
  • Wear clean socks or stockings, changed daily. Don't wear any that are too short or too tight.
  • Wear shoes that fit. Use comfortable shoes that allow your feet to relax and breathe easily.

If your feet sweat more than others, follow these tips:
  • Wear shoes made of leather or canvas - not synthetics. Sandals are good.
  • Switch shoes from day to day.
  • Use foot powder.

Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Diabetics have an increased risk for infections in their feet. Decreased circulation and changes in the blood vessels in the extremities can cause healing to be delayed therefore, complications can be devastating. If the body can't fend off the infection, gangrene can develop which often forces amputation of the affected limb. Follow these tips to reduce the risk of complications and infections:

  • Make sure to inspect your feet daily. Using a mirror can help you see all areas on the bottoms of your feet.
  • Any signs of trauma such as redness or blisters, cuts, cracks, swelling or color changes should be taken seriously, if you are diabetic and must be reported to your healthcare provider immediately.
  • Wear shoes that are clean from inside. Look inside your shoes before putting them on. Remove any foreign objects hiding in there, such as gravel. Wear clean well
  • fitting socks.
  • As others do, you should also wash your feet everyday and make sure that you dry them thoroughly. Inspect between your toes.
  • Try not to cross your legs for long when you sit down. This can limit circulation.
  • Visit a podiatrist for corns, calluses or ingrown toenails. Self
  • treating these conditions could be dangerous.
  • Protect your feet from extremes in temperature. Too hot or cold is dangerous.
  • Regular exercise improves circulation to all your extremities, therefore, ask your healthcare professional about an exercise program that's right for you.
  • Follow General Foot Care Tips provided above on this page. See your doctor if you notice anything abnormal.

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